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Different club, same judgement free zone®

Whether you're moving, are away at school, or just want a location closer to work, sometimes a little club hopping just has to happen. But that's okay, because we can get your membership transferred to a new club in four quick steps. First one's simple: just enter a few details and choose your home club below.

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Transfer Requirements

On your first visit to your new home club, you will be required to sign a new Member Agreement. Your transfer will not be processed if you owe a balance or are otherwise not a member in good standing. You must be a member with your current club for at least 90 days, and only monthly memberships can be transferred. We cannot transfer pre-paid memberships or memberships subsidized by your company or a health care plan. If you want to transfer to a location that is currently in pre-sale, you’ll need to wait until the club is open.